Corporate Social Responsibility

CEEG's development is inseparable from the support of society. Devoting to various charity work, we are adhering to the core value of corporate social responsibility, making every effort to serve the public.

CEEG’s rejuvenation and decent development can’t be separable from the great support of public. Thanks to the massive demand for depollution, decarbonization and circular economy, after decades of arduous journey in the energy industry, CEEG had not only provided positions for countless workers in domestic and overseas and also a strong support for other industries, ranging from telecom, transportation, mining, architecture and so on, creating the great economic value and market prosperity.

Consumers today seek transparency from companies, demanding to see concrete plans for how they intend to uphold their responsibility to society. Under this principle, CEEG realizes the significance of Corporate Social Responsibility, and the efforts and value CEEG had made in business also reflects on other dimensionalities more than just economic corporate responsibility. Including the environmental social responsibility, ethic/human rights social responsibility, philanthropic corporate responsibility, in every area, CEEG has shown an essential role of a responsible enterprise willing to deploy its economic resources for the sake of protecting the environment and the state’s healthy development..

Environmental Protection

Committed to further investing in the decarbonization and depollution sectors in the country as China's ambition to achieve carbon neutrality presented energy industrial companies like CEEG with numerous opportunities. Nowadays, the policies that are continually optimized create massive opportunities in ecological and environmental protection in the country, and thanks to the massive demand for depollution and circular economy, CEEG is encountered with a promising future.CEEG has developed and manufactured industrial power transformers for more than 30 years, enjoying great reputation domestic and overseas, and will certainly continue to step up investment as well as expand its existing business this year and in the years to come, considering the strong determination of outputting cleaner and more efficient energy for the world.CEEG currently has more than 400 sales sites in China, and products marketing in over 80 countries worldwide, owning 3 grand industrial complex, 15 overseas branches. Supporting and serving in domestic and multinational megaprojects including the U.A.E. Cement Plant, Indian government purchasing plan, Olympic stadium in Beijing, China International Import Expo, Nanjing South Railway Station, and a full-fledged project for Beijing Tianjin Hebei data center.Citing the company's previous service and exhibition experiences, CEEG are awarded officially with the certifications of environment protection and environment friendly, to highlight the great efforts that CEEG had made in the combat for decarbonization and depollution. CEEG also as a representative in energy industry as invited to exhibit in Chinese Data Center Clean Energy Summit, showing the corporate social responsibility. Requirement of carbon neutralization is significant for CEEG also for the whole country as it demonstrates the company's capabilities in providing sustainable and efficient solutions for industrial electricity power transformation, transmission and the restoration at the same time.