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American & European Power Substation Transformer From CEEG

American & European Power Substation Transformer From CEEG

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Product Description:

Schneider technology modular manufacturing;

Strong integrity, compact structure, safe and reliable operation;

Beautiful appearance, fast installation and convenient construction;

Easy operation and high reliability.


Product details:

Schneider biosco technology;

Assembled structure without welding:

High efficiency natural ventilation structure;

The box adopts modular design;

Unique top-level structure.


Product features:

It is composed of high-voltage switch, power transformer and low-voltage switch;

Strong completeness, small floor area, less investment and convenient installation and maintenance;

Beautiful appearance, highlighting the concept of green and environmental protection;

Section steel welding, good mechanical strength;

Good surface treatment and strong weather resistance;

The appearance is rich in optional materials and colors, and the user has a wide range of choices.

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