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Cast Resin Copper Transformer Dry-Type Electric Transformer

Cast Resin Copper Transformer Dry-Type Electric Transformer

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High Voltage: 10(10.5, 11, 6.6, 6.3, 6)kV
Low Voltage: 0.4kV
Rated Capacity: 315kVA~2500kVA
Vector Group: Dyn11 or Yyn0
Tapping Range: ±2x2.5%

Product Characteristics

1. High quality high permeability silicon steel with multi-stage stepping process leads to low no-load loss.
2. The surface adopting nano paint self leveling process leads to low noise.
3. It has strong waterproof and short-circuit resistance, strong overload capacity, good electrical performance safety and reliability.
4. Through the simulation analysis of electric field, temperature field and magnetic field, CEEG is the first company in China to pass KEMA's E2, C2 and F1 tests.
5. The product can adopt dual-mode structure scheme to meet the needs of different customer groups.
6. Special intelligent transformer solution and big data cloud diagnosis technology are adopted to be online from time to time.

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