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CES Epoxy Cast Waterproof Bus Duct

CES Epoxy Cast Waterproof Bus Duct

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Product Characteristics

1.Fire prevention The fire endurance time and other properties are reliable and stable, and can be used in occasions with high fire safety requirements.
2.Waterproof The high protection grade of lP68 can be used in outdoor cable trench and other harsh environments.
3.Anticorrosion It can effectively prevent electrochemical corrosion and can be used for a long time in highly corrosive environment.
4.Explosion proof Epoxy resin casting shell can be used in various hazardous environments. Make epoxy resin mixing unique.

Other features:

1.Functional unit can be made
2.High mechanical strength
3.High short circuit strength
4.Strong overload capacity
5.Strong applicability
6.Easy installation
7. Lifelong maintenance free

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