Climb the Industry New Height: CEEG New 110kV On-Board Transformer

On June 10, 2021,CEEG new sfz11-31500 / 110kV on-board transformer successfully passed all factory tests, embodying CEEG continued to climb the new height of industry technology.
With the continuous rise of industrial and residential power consumption, the original regional 110kV substation can not take into account the temporary large amount of power demand for the construction of some new projects. If a new 110kV substation is built, the power supply approval procedures are cumbersome, the construction cycle is long, and the overall investment is huge, which can not meet the temporary power demand of some new engineering projects with fast landing and fast production.
In order to solve this new contradiction, CEEG and its strategic partners jointly developed a modular on-site assembled temporary rental substation with on-board performance. This temporary rental substation has the characteristics of fast vehicle mobility and flexible on-site combination. It not only perfectly solves the inherent contradiction, but also saves huge investment costs for temporary construction power customers.
As the core equipment of this temporary rental substation, the 110kV on-board transformer independently developed by CEE is very important to the overall performance of the temporary rental substation. Although the difference between 110kV on-board transformer and conventional on-board transformer is only "use", the design concept is very different. As an emergency power supply, the conventional 110kV on-board transformer usually only needs a short-term live operation for about a few days, and its operation characteristics can not be compared with that of 110kV substation.
As the core equipment of the temporarily leased substation, the 110kV on-board transformer should not only meet the on-board transportation performance of the whole machine under various road conditions, but also meet the live operation needs of the leased substation for several months or even one to two years, which is basically consistent with the operating characteristics of the 110kV Substation. As it is a leased substation, after the lease expires, it has to be hoisted and transported to other projects for further lease. Therefore, the technical requirements of on-board transformer are higher than those of traditional on-board transformer.
The on-board transformer can be integrated into on-board transformer by board vehicle or transported by conventional transport vehicle. There is no need for cumbersome approval procedures of special vehicles for on-board transformers, which can completely replace the conventional on-board transformer.
Following the perfect delivery of the second generation 35kV on-board transformer in mid April, CEEG is deeply trusted and supported by customers with its extreme design, excellent quality, fast delivery, and efficient service. With the unremitting efforts of the sales team led by President Chen and the strong and efficient technical support of the medium and high voltage technology department, CEEG stood out from many competitors by virtue of its absolute technical advantages. On May 3, it won the bid for the sfz11-31500 / 110kV on-board transformer again. The customer clearly required that the product should meet the delivery conditions on June 10.
The medium and high voltage business division shall immediately set up a project assault team after learning the bid-winning results and the emergency situation of the project. Manager Zheng of the technology department informed all engineers on vacation to end the vacation immediately, and the project design engineer officially went to work on May 4. Engineers carry forward the team spirit of being able to bear hardships and fight and make concerted efforts in combination with the urgency and particularity of the project. According to the 35-day delivery node, general manager Guo of the business division reverses the project plan, the drawing design and development time is 10 days, and the material procurement, production and test time is 25 days. Ensure efficient and perfect delivery according to the customer's delivery node.
Compared with the 35kV on-board transformer delivered in April, the design and production of 110kV on-board transformers are more difficult. It shall not only meet the charging distance and transportation strength requirements of 110kV high-voltage side capacitive bushing and 66kV neutral point capacitive bushing, meet the on-board transportation requirements of the same size of the whole machine, but also meet the requirements of different grounding modes of 66kV neutral point bushing, but also meet the delivery test standards of lightning impulse and partial discharge.
According to the actual situation of the project, the 110kV on-board transformer project team of the medium and high voltage technology department repeated scheme optimization design and technical review, and finally confirmed the design scheme with the customer on May 6. After working overtime for 10 consecutive days, the project design team completed the design of all project drawings on May 13. There are a large number of innovation projects that can apply for two utility models.
Under the careful arrangement and overall coordination of Zou Xiaojin, assistant to the general manager of the medium and high voltage division, the backbone of each team in the production workshop of the division shall work overtime to ensure the product quality, speed up the progress and complete the task on time. The quality process team led by Rong manager of the quality department shall formulate detailed process guarantee measures and process inspection and test schemes according to the drawings. Under the full supervision of the quality engineer of the quality department, the sfz11-31500 / 110kV on-board transformer completed the General Assembly on June 7 and passed all factory tests at one time on June 10.
Although the design and production of 110kV on-board transformer are more difficult than expected, and difficult problems have been encountered one after another in the process of design and production, all colleagues of the medium and high voltage business division have overcome difficulties with sweat and wisdom, and have taken practical actions to refresh the new speed of "CEEG intelligent manufacturing" and climb to a new height in the 110kV on-board transformer industry.
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