CEEG Successfully Launches 24-Pulse ZHSS-12000/10 Hydrogen Rectifier Transformer for 1000Nm3/h Hydrogen Electrolyzers

CEEG has recently achieved a significant milestone with the successful launch of their new 24-Pulse ZHSS-12000/10 Hydrogen Rectifier Transformer designed specifically for 1000Nm3/h hydrogen electrolyzers. This development showcases CEEG's technological prowess and innovation in the field of hydrogen production.


The hydrogen rectifier transformer boasts several notable features. Firstly, it leverages CEEG's expertise as the primary drafting unit of GB/Z 1094.14-2011 "Power Transformers - Part 14: Liquid-Immersed Transformers Utilizing High-Temperature Insulation Materials." By incorporating DuPont's Nomex insulation system and advanced seven-level temperature control technology, it achieves industry-leading insulation performance and surpasses advanced standards. This ensures exceptional performance even in high-temperature environments.


Secondly, the hydrogen rectifier transformer employs CEEG's seven-level temperature control technology and carefully selected matching components, enabling a maintenance-free design with a lifespan of up to 30 years. Furthermore, it offers a 20% higher overload capacity compared to conventional products, making it capable of meeting sudden power demands effectively.


In addition, CEEG's hydrogen rectifier transformer exhibits reduced noise levels, surpassing national standards by a decrease of 3 to 5 decibels. This minimizes disturbances to the surrounding environment.


To guarantee leak-free operation on-site, CEEG utilizes acrylic ester one-time molded components for all sealing parts and conducts fluorescence, positive pressure, and negative pressure leakage tests, ensuring excellent sealing performance.


Notably, CEEG offers a diverse range of hydrogen rectifier transformers that fully cover the three major types of hydrogen rectification systems currently used in the hydrogen production industry. Customization options are available to meet specific customer requirements, with CEEG's ability to swiftly respond and flexibly design solutions.


The successful release of CEEG's 24-Pulse ZHSS-12000/10 Hydrogen Rectifier Transformer for 1000Nm3/h hydrogen electrolyzers will undoubtedly drive advancements in the hydrogen production industry. It provides efficient and reliable power support, propelling the progress and widespread application of hydrogen technologies.

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