CEEG Transformers in the Expo: Superior Products On the Exhibition Backstage

On the evening of November 4, 2021, the 4th China International Import Expo(CIIE) was grandly opened in Shanghai, welcoming guests and attracting attention from all over the world. "Opening-up is of great historical value and practical significance, especially when China and the world are entering a new era of change", President Xi Jinping addressed in the speech, marking this global event now with an even larger scale, more participating countries, more enterprises, and more technological intensive exhibits has got underway.
Dates back to November 5, 2018, the first China International Import Expo(CIIE) was opened in Shanghai. With its high-energy research and development team, lean product quality, meticulous sales process service, and high-end brand influence, CEEG was recognized as the contractor of the Expo and successfully won the bid to become a qualified supplier of transformers for the project.
In the core area and surrounding radiation area of the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, the main venue of the Expo, CEEG has put nearly 200 scb10 series dry-type transformers into safe operation, fully covered the key areas, and dispatched after-sales teams and professional technicians to provide follow-up services throughout the process.
Since 2014, CEEG scb10 series dry-type transformers have successively entered inside and outside the Expo venue, making full preparations for the smooth convening of the first Expo.
From the first Expo, CEEG scb10 series dry-type transformers have been accompanied into the Expo for four years, with safe operation days of more than 1100, witnessing the "highlight moment" of the venue and guarding the power safety.
As the first China carbon-neutral Expo since its opening in the first year, green, environmental protection, low-carbon, and sustainability are the hot words of this Expo and the main theme of the development of CEEG this year.
CEEG has actively practiced the concept of green energy conservation and vigorously developed green energy and energy-saving products. The main product amorphous alloy dry-type transformer has reached a new standard of first-class energy efficiency. Compared with the traditional transformer, the amorphous alloy dry-type transformer has the characteristics of ultra-low loss and obvious energy-saving effect, which is very in line with the low-carbon energy-saving concept proposed in the scheme.
In addition to the National Convention and Exhibition Center of the Expo, CEEG transformers are found in xiong'an high-speed railway station, the Beijing Olympic Center, the Winter Olympic venues, the national supercomputer base, the national manned spaceflight project, Xiaolangdi water control project, Jinan Yellow River tunnel, Nanjing South Railway Station, engineering construction office of the administrative office area of Beijing Sub Center, etc.
In the future development, CEEG will continue to focus on low-carbon development, devote itself to serving the modernization of the motherland, and take practical actions to contribute to China's green energy development.
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