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35kV Open Dry Type Power Transformer Electric Transformer

35kV Open Dry Type Power Transformer Electric Transformer

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1、Low-voltage winding is made of high-quality copper foil and high-temperature insulating material, cured by VPI vacuum pressure impregnation into a solid whole, with strong impact resistance;

2、High-voltage winding adopts press cake type or continuous structure, interlayer insulation adopts C grade insulation Nomex paper, impregnated by VPI vacuum pressure and cured at high temperature to form a solid whole, with strong short-circuit resistance;

3, The core adopts high quality high magnetic conductivity silicon steel, multi-stage stepping process, low no-load loss;

4, After the life of the copper and silicon steel can be recycled, insulation materials are completely degraded, for environmentally friendly products;

5. The first one in China to pass the fire resistance, environmental and climate tests of the European standard HD464;

6、Adopting DuPont ReliatraN® core technology, 10% volume reduction, 10% material saving, insulation grade up to C; (ReliatraN® means: reliable transformer)

7, Can achieve full intelligent data collection and analysis, intelligent "brain", active operation and maintenance.
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