Beijing Olympic Traffic Command Center

Beijing Olympic Traffic Command Center project has purchased CEEG scb10-1600/10 epoxy dry type transformers. Since the end of 2006, the operation has been very stable, and the product quality and service have been highly praised by users.

Shanghai F1 International Circuit

Shanghai F1 international circuit Project purchased two batches of SG1010 dry-type transformers from CEEG in 2006, with good operation effect, which effectively guaranteed the successful completion of this world famous international event.

Beijing International Airport

In the process of selecting electrical equipment such as dry-type transformers for the Capital International Airport Construction Command, SG10-400/10 and SG10-500/10 dry-type power transformers produced by CEEG with the characteristics of safety, green and environmental protection won the favor of the bidding department, and finally in the fierce bidding The transformers were finally selected in the fierce competition.

UAE Project

UAE cement plant, has several production lines with a capacity of 10,000 tons of cement per day. The total contract amount of the UAE project is 11.68 million, with SRN high temperature resistant liquid-immersed transformer products. CEEG has set up a special action team to install and commission the products and provide after-sales service, and the product quality and service have formed a good reputation in the overseas market.

Xiaolangdi Water Control Project

For the consideration of brand, quality, service and safety and environmental protection, the project command selected Nomex paper insulated series of non-encapsulated dry-type transformers and SG10 air self-cooling series and SCB10 air-cooling series dry-type transformers developed and produced by CEEG in cooperation with DuPont Company.