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New energy box type substation

New energy box type substation

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Product Description:

Professional design, safe and reliable
Various structural types and strong weather resistance;
Adapt to the local climate and environment;
Energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability.

Performance characteristics:

Good sealing performance
Good sealing performance, wind and sand proof, salt fog proof, rain and snow proof

Advanced electric spraying technology
With advanced electric spraying technology, the shell is not easy to rust and fade.

The shell has strong adaptability to the environment
The shell can be made of a variety of materials, which can be selected according to different environments. It has the advantages of strong environmental adaptability, beautiful appearance and coordination with the wind scene.

Intelligent control
Intelligent control can be implemented, which can not only be controlled locally, but also be monitored remotely to realize the four remote functions.

Natural draft
The box transformer is equipped with sufficient natural ventilation and thermal insulation measures to ensure the normal operation of the step-up transformer.

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