The 220kV Power Transformer of CEEG Passed the Factory Test

Entering the high-voltage test hall in the CEEG factory is like entering the scene of science fiction film. The 22-meter high space emits soft green light under the irradiation of xenon lamp. It is here that the 220kV power transformer with a height of 7.8m and a weight of 160 tons has passed the transformation ratio, resistance, insulation, induction, withstand voltage, and simulated lightning impulse test, of which 150000 / 220 needs to withstand the 395kv withstand voltage test and the lightning impulse test of more than one million volts. The company invested more than 8 million to complete the factory experiments of 150000 / 220kV power transformer and 40000 / 220kV railway traction transformers.
Guo Mingjun, general manager of the medium and high voltage division of CEEG, introduced that the 220kV product has gone through half a year from design to offline, and its design difficulties mainly include electromagnetic calculation and electric field insulation layout. The production and manufacturing workshop of the product needs to reach 100000 level cleanliness and has the production and manufacturing capacity of more than 200 tons of large equipment.
Guo Mingjun told the editor: "220kV transformer has the advantages of high overload, no partial discharge, low noise and anti short circuit, which can make the power supply system more stable." He said that through the special design scheme, the no-load loss of the product is 20% lower than the national standard, and the load loss value is 5% lower than the national standard; the noise is 3 - 5 dB lower than the national standard. Because of the above characteristics, 220kV power transformer has been widely used in large and medium-sized urban power grids, large thermal power plants and industrial and mining enterprises since its inception. 220kV high-speed railway traction transformer has the capacity of long-term overload of 30%, which solves the problem of frequent near-end short circuit of electrified railway. Therefore, it is used in passenger dedicated line and heavy haul freight dedicated line of electrified high-speed railway.
The company will expand the sales share of 220kV power grid and China electric power grid in the new overseas power grid market.
The development of CEEG's 220kV products fills the gap in the manufacturing of high-voltage products in our city, enriches the types of power products in our city and provides more complete supporting facilities, and adds new kinetic energy for the upgrading and iteration of our industrial chain, strengthening the chain and supplementing the chain. At the same time, it also provides a wider sales path and a broader cooperation platform for the city's sales elites.
With high-end quality + high-quality products + all-round services, CEEG welcomes friends from all walks of life to cooperate sincerely, participate in development and output high-quality power for the world with an open attitude of cooperation!
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