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CEZ Lighting Bus Duct

CEZ Lighting Bus Duct

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Structural features of lighting bus duct

1. The shell of lighting bus duct adopts track type aluminum alloy profile, which has the advantages of simple and fast assembly and beautiful appearance.
2. Standard connection terminals are used at the connection, with good universality.
3. Insulating parts are used to support and separate insulated wires, and the power consumption is safe and reliable.
4. The general two hole and three hole sockets are adopted to lead out the branch power supply conveniently and quickly.
5. The socket setting is conducive to three-phase load balancing
6. Various on-site installation methods are provided, and users can use them flexibly according to their needs

Performance of lighting bus duct

1. The shell of bus duct adopts aluminum alloy surplus profile, which has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance and strong stability.
2 The rated working voltage is 690V and the rated current is 50a-250a.
3. The profile structure is reasonable, which can realize the installation of large span below 2m, and can also be used as the installation support of small lighting equipment
4. A socket can be set every 1m in the bus duct, and the plug-in box can be plugged with electricity.
5. The building block structure is adopted, which has the performance of fast and reliable electrical and mechanical connectors.
6. High protection grade: IP54.
7.Flexible and convenient installation.
8.The product complies with GB7251 2,IEC60439.2 standards.

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