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Rectifier Variable-frequency Transformer

Rectifier Variable-frequency Transformer

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Product characteristics:

1. The core adopts the through core positioning structure of multi-stage stepping process, and the core has no transverse and longitudinal displacement under various working conditions.
2. The winding adopts a variety of structural types with strong short-circuit resistance.
3. A special air-cooled guiding system is adopted, leading to high heat dissipation efficiency, safety and reliability.
4. The magnetic flux leakage distribution is reasonable and fully meets the working condition requirements of the frequency converter.
5. Multiple technologies are adopted to effectively suppress the harmonic content,
realize perfect harmonic free and prolong the service life of the motor.
6. Various structural types can meet the requirements of various frequency conversion systems.
7. The maximum capacity of the production reach 9000kVA, which can realize 72 pulse rectification.

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