Hubei Kuanyan IDC Data Center Transformer Project

CEEG has successively won bids for data center centralized procurement projects and has accumulated many years of experience. It has cooperated with China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, etc. The transformers required for this project are:
SCBH-52000/10 Voltage ratio 10.5/0.4 Impedance 6%
SC10-10000/20 Voltage ratio 20/10.5 Impedance 8%
Project requirements characteristics:
1. High energy saving requirements, data centers are high energy consumption units;
2. The load rate is high, and the data center operates at high load for 24 hours;
3. Precision equipment, key equipment has high requirements on voltage fluctuation rate;
4. Third-party acceptance test.
Technical solutions:
1. The technical team directly connects with the Huawei Hubei Kuanyan IDC project team;
2. The three-phase three-column amorphous alloy dry-type transformer patented by CLP is adopted;
3. Design 10000KVA 20KV impedance 8% epoxy cast dry-type transformer;
4. Cooperate with third-party testing to determine all testing items, and send professionals to cooperate with third-party on-site testing;
5. Technical data and service professional docking service.

Customized transformer project for intelligent vehicle-mounted mobile substation

Product model: SCB10-630/10
The characteristics of the project's demand for transformer books:
1. High altitude of 5000 meters, 2000 meters, high pressure requirements;
2. It can be moved with the vehicle, and the mechanical performance requirements are improved;
3. The installation space is small, and the external dimension requirements are high, especially the width requirements are limited;
4. Heat dissipation is added to check, and the temperature rise design requires high requirements;
5. The connecting parts of the accessories and the transformer as a whole meet the speed requirement of 80 kilometers per hour;
6. Customers send professionals to participate in the supervision of product quality throughout the process, and improve project management requirements.
1. The company established a project team, technical process team, business procurement team, and production quality team;
2. The technical group communicated with Yingkou Xinshanying Alarm Equipment Co., Ltd. in the early stage of technology, signed specific technical agreements and determined quality control requirements;
3. According to the requirements of national standards on high altitude, two sets of plans are designed separately for the altitude of 5000 meters and 2000 meters, and two new sets of molds are opened. The product structure design fully considers the mobile requirements and learns from Party A's suggestions;
4. Determine the heat dissipation and the same internal fixation solution with the cabinet manufacturer;
5. The accessories are purchased individually, and the connection and installation process adopts a special process;
6. The sample has undergone a good bump test of more than ten kilometers around the company, and the marked displacement line meets the technical requirements.