Rectifier transformer

CEEG’s rectifier transformers including the general shape, double-split, phase-shifted and other structures. One single or several rectifier transformers could realize multi-pulse output and in this way to boost the power factor. We also set the shields both in the high-voltage and low-voltage windings as the protection for the transformers from overvoltage and odd-harmonics.
The dry-type rectifier power transformer CEEG manufactured has adopted new insulation structure and advanced production process, which improved the short-circuit capability and the electrical strength, embodying its reliability and superiority. We’ve fully considered the potential influences that harmonics generated by rectifier cells might have on the transformers’ cores and windings. Attributed to the adequate margins, our power transformers so as to withstand the additional temperature rise caused by harmonics, and keep lower noises while working, expand the using life-span.

Amorphous alloy dry type transformer

Low loss, low noise, inherit the features of flame-retardant, high reliability, maintenance-free from the previous series of products, this new dry-type power transformer has a vast prospect. In the process of manufacturing, the magnetic density design decides its lower cost, higher capability, which has become an essential design parameter.
The amorphous alloy dry type transformer that CEEG built has even better performance, especially it could reduce the emission of air pollutants like CO, SO, NOx. We apply the Nomex insulation to the manufacturing, which has high temperature rise level, better moisture-proof and flame-retardant performance. The low-voltage windings are made of the premium imported copper foils and level H insulation materials, and impregnated in the vacuum pressure, sealed with the resin on the both ends. The windings show its high mechanical strength, good performance on anti short-circuit, better resistance to overheat and hit, have longer using life-span, dust-proof, salt spray-proof performance.

Flameproof transformer

Technological Innovation

1. German cylindrical corrugated, national patent product;

2. Nomex Paper Insulation System;

3. Oblong iron core column and non-encapsulated winding structure;

4. Unique wiring cavity design;

5. It is fastened at eight points and can go down the well vertically.

Performance Characteristics

1.Full corrugated cylindrical structure

The national patent adopts a full corrugated cylindrical flameproof shell to improve the strength of the shell, and the shell can withstand 1MPa pressure

2.Core technology of DuPont grade C Nomex Paper

The transformer body adopts non encapsulated winding structure and American DuPont class C Nomex insulation material to effectively ensure the electrical performance of the coil and the short-term overload capacity of the transformer

3.VPI vacuum pressure dip paint

After the winding of the coil is completed, it has been impregnated with international advanced VPI vacuum pressure paint and dried and solidified for many times, which effectively improves the insulation performance and mechanical strength of the coil.

4.Flameproof structure and stable performance

Advanced design and testing means and perfect production and processing technology ensure the stable, safe and reliable performance of flameproof structure.

5.Imported programmable controller

The high and low voltage switch of mobile substation is controlled by imported programmable controller (PLC), which has high reliability and stability.

220kV railway traction transformer

The connection group of single-phase traction transformer is I-I. According to the capacity or user requirements, the internal wiring can be series or parallel respectively.

V / V connection traction transformer

V / V connection transformer is one of the forms of direct supply railway traction transformer. It is the specific application of single-phase transformer in railway traction; This type of transformer has two structural forms. One structural form is that two single-phase transformers are placed in the same oil tank, i.e. three column structure. The coils of the two single-phase transformers are respectively sleeved on the side columns of the two iron cores. There is no coil on the middle column of the iron core, which only constitutes the magnetic flux circuit; Another form is the joint use of two transformers, namely four column structure; In these two structural forms, there are two single-phase transformers with equal capacity and unequal capacity.

V / X wiring traction transformer

V / X connection transformer is one of the main forms of traction transformer for at power supply railway. It has the same characteristics as VV connection traction transformer. V / X connection is the integration of VV connection and at pure single-phase connection technology. In terms of design and manufacturing, it is simpler than the traditional Scott connection traction transformer. This type of transformer has two structural forms. One structural form is that two single-phase transformers are placed in the same oil tank, that is, the double bodies are the same oil tank structure; The other is the joint use of two single-phase transformers. In these two structural forms, there are two single-phase transformers with equal capacity and unequal capacity.

Three-phase balanced traction transformer

The principle of a balanced traction transformer is shown in the vector diagram:

It can be seen from the above figure that the high-voltage side inputs a three-phase symmetrical power system, and the low-voltage side outputs a two-phase power system with equal amplitude and phase angle difference of 90 °; The key technology is reflected in the connection of each coil on the low voltage side, the matching of coil turns, and the calculation of current and impedance.

Compared with single-phase traction transformers and three-phase V / V traction transformers with the same capacity, the negative sequence current of the former is only 50% of the latter, so many users use 220kV three-phase V / V traction transformers to reduce the impact of negative sequence current. If the balanced traction transformer is selected, when the capacity of the two output arms is close, the negative sequence current is almost zero, which is the most ideal.

Auto transformer

two × Application form of 27.5kV autotransformer under at power supply mode; It is mainly used for passenger dedicated lines and high-speed railways with a speed greater than 200km / h; It is used together with traction transformer for at power supply mode, with an average of 10 km; Combined with the main transformer of the (at) power supply mode, interference of the electromagnetic field generated by rail to adjacent communication lines can be reduced.

Intelligent transformer

Modular Intelligent prefabricated cabin substation makes the construction of your substation simpler and more flexible, Integrated services make the project investment and construction cycle short, safe and efficient.

Product features and advantages:

1.Design customization

Customized according to the actual needs of the project site environment

2.Prefabricated modular, flexible and fast assembly

The manufacturing, assembly, test and joint commissioning of all electrical equipment are completed in the factory and modular assembly is carried out on site

3.Intelligent monitoring integration

Realize the integration of electrical monitoring, video monitoring, environmental monitoring and other intelligent detection according to customer needs

4.System service integration

Realize integrated integrated platform services for background monitoring and SCADA system, substation intelligent monitoring system, fire control monitoring system, video monitoring system, environmental monitoring system, etc

Main electrical equipment and system composition:

1.Various medium voltage switchgear of 40.5kV and below

2.Power and distribution transformer

3.Low voltage switch cabinet

4.Medium and low voltage frequency conversion cabinet, reactive power compensation cabinet and filter cabinet

5.Secondary relay protection panel, background control panel and field engineer station

6.UPS consists of uninterruptible power supply, secondary DC panel shell and auxiliary system

7.Shell, base, base plate and grounding