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500 kva 1000 kva 1500 kva Dry Type Rectifier Transformer Factory

500 kva 1000 kva 1500 kva Dry Type Rectifier Transformer Factory

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Converter is the general name of rectifier, inverter and frequency conversion, rectifier is one of the more widely used. Most of the industrial rectifier DC power supply is generated by the AC network through the rectifier transformer and rectifier rectifier equipment.

Performance characteristics

1) Safe and reliable: the transformer is made of non-toxic, flame retardant epoxy resin perfusion, high mechanical strength, inflammability, fire prevention, no pollution;

2) Convenient installation: the thousand type rectifier transformer is the whole machine approach, the whole machine in place can be put into operation, convenient and efficient;

3) High overload: the heat resistance grade of the transformer insulation is H, and the heat resistance temperature reaches 180°. Maximum overload capacity up to 200%;

4) Low noise: noise is 3-5 dB lower than the national standard;

5) Saving investment: dry rectifier transformer and rectifier and other electrical equipment can be installed together, without a separate design of distribution room, saving investment space, reduce the investment;

6) Variety: complete product range, covering rectifier transformer, electric furnace transformer, frequency conversion transformer and other fields of special transformers;

7) Customized: According to the specific requirements of customers, flexible design, quick response;

8) Authoritative certification: Passed the authoritative certification of the National Electrical Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

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