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Dry Type Air Core Reactor

Dry Type Air Core Reactor

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Product Description:

Low cost, long service life, core pouring and quiet operation;

Fireproof,explosion-proof and moisture-proof;

Maintenance free and long service life;

Low loss and low noise;


Performance characteristics:

The iron core reactors designed and manufactured by CEC are high temperature resistant products with class F insulation or class H insulation, which are favored by users with the following typical characteristics:

  1. Flame retardant, fireproof,explosion-proof, very safe to use: flame retardant, fireproof, epoxy resin, glass mesh grid and other insulating materials used in the coil have automatic flame out characteristics, and will not burn due to electric arc or external sources:
  2. Low loss, low noise, small volume, heavy and light, easy to transport and install;
  3. The winding is sealed and moisture-proof. the iron core and clamp are treated with special beads, and can operate in a variety of environments with small maintenance;
  4. The air is self cooled, which can be started directly during initial installation, and the long-term operation is basically maintenance as to achieve -k stable operation:
  5. Good heat dissipation, strong overload capacity and long service life, which can meet the 30-year thermal aging life cycle'
  6. Solid insulation. The coil is cast with resin mixture under vacuum. The partial discharge is small, the discharge is generally less than 5pc, and the voltage resistance is high:
  7. The glass fiber is wrapped and reinforced, and the ability of winding to resist short-circuit electric dynamic damage is very strong. There is no insulation cracking after short circuit, and the local discharge is not increased:

8.The product has reliable insulation, high mechanical strength, short circuit resistance, lightning and electric shock resistance, good thermal stability and strong overload capacity.

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