Keeping Up with Data Center: CEEG in the 2023 National Data Center Electrical Design Summit Forum

On March 17th, 2023, the National Data Center Electrical Design Summit Forum successfully held in Shanghai. Jointly hosted by the cooperation branches of China Engineering & Consulting Association, China Association of Building Energy Efficiency, Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd., AP Architecture Technology Information Research Institute, Electrical Technology of Intelligent Building journal, the forum gathered over 200 specialists from the institutes and associations of this industry. Oriented towards designing of data center, the forum made in-depth exchange of views on the strategic, overall and long-term issues of common interests, data center building technological experience, so as to deepen understanding of the future development, enhance mutual trust and promote cooperation.  In the exhibition, CEEG presented the amorphous alloy transformers and SCB epoxy dry type transformers as the highlight products to public, offering a new solution for the whole industry, also attracting more attention from engineers and data center building related peers, who expressed the cooperate willingness at the time. Sales and marketing staff of CEEG introduced the main preponderance in industry, scale, capacity, core competitiveness of the company.  “The new mobile internet developed and the data flows grown in a decent clip, the data center tends to be considered as the granary in the new era, nowadays has become even more prominent”, CEEG addressed in the forum. The requirements to the electric in data center amounted, not only for the computing but more for the data storage, transmission, and the normal functioning, maintenance. CEEG amorphous alloy transformers and SCB epoxy dry type transformers are manufactured with patented technology, with years of development, are guaranteed with great capacities of safety, energy-saving, eco-friendly, and reliability. Combined with the intelligent electrical technology in the operation, CEEG transformers could help enterprises meet the ideal cost controlling goal, shorten the product delivery cycle, achieving the purpose of rational energy consumption.  CEEG aims to strengthen the multilateral cooperation with related industries in this forum, collectively motivating benign development momentum and the constructing of the data center.

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