Data center

CEEG data center solutions and integrated systems are designed for high-intensity applications and growing data demands around the world. We provide technology to cloud, colocation, communications and financial services clients.
We have the following obvious advantages: 1) The infrastructure is flexible and changeable, and can grow or shrink according to your needs;
2) It can deeply understand your infrastructure, and it is easier to automate;
3) Smart grid connectivity, giving you more options in managing your energy.
Whether it is about space saving, modularity and flexibility, energy efficiency, continuous operation, or safety and reliability, we have a solution for your needs.


CEEG Rolling Stock Supplies & Solutions
Customers face challenges
There are millions of train passengers every day. How to travel safely, on time and comfortably without cancer is a challenge for railway companies. The reliable and efficient comprehensive control, system protection and monitoring system are the fundamental guarantee for service continuity.
CEEG's solution
With many years of industry experience, CEEG supports the high standard requirements of railway transportation by developing special products with high reliability, pyrotechnic safety certification and easy installation that meet the special requirements of railway operation.
The particularity of electrical components for trains is mainly reflected in the need for higher vibration resistance, fire protection certification that must meet railway requirements, and a wider operating voltage range for control components.
In addition to providing these special products that meet industry requirements, we can help customers improve the operating efficiency of equipment, and provide comprehensive support for transporters throughout the product life cycle, that is, design technical support, product after-sales maintenance, equipment upgrades, etc.


From "Shenzhou No. 1" to "Shenzhou No. 12", from "Chang'e No. 1" to "Chang'e No. 5", we have braved the wind and waves among the vast stars. CLP Electric Power supports the development of China's aerospace industry and contributes to the construction of a powerful aerospace country.
So far, thousands of high-efficiency and energy-saving power transformers have been provided for China's aerospace industry.e.