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220kV Oil Immersed Large-capacity Power Transformer

220kV Oil Immersed Large-capacity Power Transformer

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Product description:

1) Adopt constant temperature, constant humidity and dust-free fully closed manufacturing process to control product quality in a lean manner;

2) The "seven-stage temperature control technology" system, combined with finite element analysis of temperature field, can give full play to the performance advantages of various insulation materials;

3) According to the principle of noise generation, unique noise reduction measures are adopted in different parts to ensure that the noise is better than the national standard;

4) Sealing structural parts are all using one-time forming technology, through fluorescence, positive pressure, negative pressure leakage test, to ensure that there is no leakage of products;

5) The iron core adopts the integrated automatic robot production line of transverse shear and stacking imported from Switzerland, reducing the no-load loss by 20% compared with the same period last year;

6) Pass the burst short circuit test of the National transformer testing center in one time, and the product is safe and reliable

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