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100kVA~2500kVA Three Phase Three Column Transformer Supplier

100kVA~2500kVA Three Phase Three Column Transformer Supplier

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1. Significantly reduce energy consumption, superior performance, reasonable and beautiful design;

2. The three-phase and three column technology is adopted, and the floor area is reduced by 5% - 10%;

3.The no-load loss of amorphous strip is 70% - 80% lower than that of silicon steel sheet;

4. Low operating temperature, slow insulation aging and long service life of transformer;

5. Flame retardant, explosion-proof, no pollution, high fire rating;

6. High mechanical strength, strong short-circuit resistance, safe and reliable operation;

7. Fast investment recovery;


1) Class H(heat-resistant) temperature: 180°c. The main insulating material is class C (heat-resistant temperature: 220°c),with strong overload capacity;

2) Small partial discharge, high insulation level and long service life of the product;

3) The "Three Prevention" ability is excellent and there is no cracking.

 Environment protection:

1) The products will not pollute the environment during transportation, storage and operation;

2) The no-load loss is 70%-80% lower than that of ordinary dry transformer, with remarkable energy-saving effect and short investment payback period;

3) The product is low noise and maintenance free;

4) The product can be recycled at the end of its service life to realize resource reuse.


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