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Founded in 1990, CEEG Group adheres to the core values of "vision, innovation, and responsibility" and has focused on production and manufacturing for more than 30 years, exporting high-quality power to the world. So far, it has three major industries: power transmission and distribution, new energy and system solutions. The power transmission and distribution industry base is located in Nanjing and Yangzhong, Jiangsu.

CEEG (Jiangsu) Transformer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise integrating manufacturing, sales, and scientific research. It has a complete set of shearing machines, fully automatic wrapping machines, fully automatic robot lamination machines, and German Heydrich machines that represent the highest level in the industry. It has advanced equipment such as vacuum pouring tanks, vacuum impregnation, and electric transfer vehicles, and is the first in the industry to develop and apply a transformer collaborative design platform that effectively combines product data, product development, and production processes.

The main products include SG series non-encapsulated, SC series epoxy, SCR semi-encapsulated, S series liquid-immersed transformers, traction transformers, 220kV main transformers, 110kV main transformers, mining explosion-proof transformers, mining explosion-proof switches, high Low-voltage switchgear, frequency converter, amorphous alloy transformer, anti-harmonic transformer, Scott transformer, American and European box transformer, wind power transformer, marine transformer, reactor, etc. Sales cover electric power, electronics, hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, coal mining, communications, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, aviation, transportation, railway and other industries.

Walking with giants and keeping pace with the world, CEEG has established long-term strategic cooperative relationships with world-class companies such as DuPont of the United States, ABB of Switzerland, Siemens of Germany, Schneider of France, etc., pursuing innovation, fulfilling responsibilities, and constantly surpassing products, quality, services and actions. It has developed into a large domestic distribution transformer supplier with a solid industrial foundation. We have seven industrial parks, 14 factories, and 13 foreign branches. Our products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions around the world. The strategic layout of brand internationalization and service globalization has been formed!

As of 2023, CEEG has accumulated more than 400,000 transformers operating stably on the network. Over the years, it has provided services for the Beijing Olympics project, manned space project, Shanghai World Expo project, Xiongan High-speed Railway Station, China's first Import and Export Expo, Nanjing South Railway Station, and Shenyang National Games. We provide stable and reliable products and services for many national key projects such as the Beijing Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Beijing South Railway Station, Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel, and Shenzhen Lingao Nuclear Power Project. Focusing on new infrastructure construction projects during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the company focuses on serving 5G base stations, high-speed rail and rail transit, big data centers, satellite Internet + industrial Internet platform + Internet of Things, UHV, AI artificial intelligence, new energy vehicle charging piles and other industries. At the same time, we are expanding into emerging markets such as countries along the “One Belt and One Road”. Transformers, photovoltaic modules, energy storage inverters, and energy storage all-in-one machines are sold to Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and other parts of the world. We have always maintained the principle of “exporting high-quality products to the world.” The original intention of "motivation". China Electric has won the honorary titles of National Innovative Enterprise, Top 500 Asian Brands, Most Influential Brand in China's Electrical Appliance Industry, China Environmental Label, and National Contract-abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise.


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