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KBSGZY Series Mining Fameproof Dry Type Transformer

KBSGZY Series Mining Fameproof Dry Type Transformer

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Product Description:

Stable power transmission to ensure mine safety
Small size and light weight, convenient for underground transportation and good heat dissipation performance
Stable quality, reliable operation and convenient operation;
Large scale production and short delivery time.

Leadership details and technological innovations:

1. German cylindrical corrugated;
2.Nomex Paper Insulation System;
3. Oblong iron core column and non encapsulated winding structure;
4. Unique wiring cavity design;
5. It is fastened at eight points and can go down the well vertically.

Performance characteristics:

1.Full corrugated cylindrical structure
The full corrugated cylindrical flameproof shell is adopted to improve the strength of the shell, and the shell can withstand1MPa pressure.

2.Core technology of DuPont grade C Nomex Paper
The transformer body adopts non encapsulated winding structure and American DuPont class C Nomex insulation material to effectively ensure the electrical performance of the coil and the short-term overload capacity of the transformer.

3.VPI vacuum pressure dip paint
After the winding of the coil is completed. it has been impregnated with international advanced VPl vacuum pressure paint and dried and solidified for many times, which effectively improves the insulation performance and mechanical strength of the coil.

4.Flameproof structure and stable performance
Advanced design and testing means and perfect production and processing technology ensure the stable, safe and reliable performance of flameproof structure.

5.Imported programmable controller
The high and low voltage switch of mobile substation is controlled by imported programmable controller (PLC), which has high reliability and stability.

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